Tuesday, December 6, 2011

{holidays} pop-up shops

I think I've found a new little addiction - designer pop-up shops...but online ones.  I don't even know if I'm using the right term for them...they are the member only website's that have deals of the day and in some cases - 3 days.  I would say - this was like GroupOn but better and more variety.

Some of them look to designers that have curated their "must-haves" lists.  Everything is in limited quantities.  Somethings are really pricey as an example. furniture - not sure if I'd buy furniture this way...but accessories - FOR SURE!

This year - my holiday wrap came via MyHabit (subsiderary of Amazon).  12 rolls for $24 with 4 different looks.  The paper is made by Smock Paper.  I love it because it's unique - it's not from Target or Walmart - so I know lots of people won't have it.  I couldn't beat the price or the quality of the paper.

This is my paper this year.  LOVE IT!

This morning through Joss & Main, I ordered the Russell & Hazel Quips+Queries Set that I've been eyeing for about a month.  Regularly $25/set - Joss & Main - $14.95.

I'm sure there are so many out there - but here are the ones that land in my email every morning.

One Kings Lane {tend to have more furniture and lots of interior designer curators}
Joss & Main {wide variety, kitchen, furniture, office supplies, cooking, rugs}
MyHabit {clothing - women, men, children, home accessories, furniture}
The Foundary {art, vintage furniture, cooking, lighting}
Pick Your Plum {anything crafty}

I like being introduced to new products and for me this is a great way to discover new merchants.  It's also a fun way to Christmas shop without having to head to the mall.

Do you have some favorites?  I would love to know.

~ Caryl

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  1. Thanks so much for those "pop-up" ideas!! I'm definitely going to apply to their email list! Love a great deal! :)


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