Friday, September 30, 2011

Rifle Paper Co - She Found Her Passion

I'm loving Anna Bond and the Rifle Paper Company.  Her cards, stationery, notepads and invitations are so unbelievable creative and unique.

Take a peek at this video about her...what stands out the most:

She wanted to CREATE a business out of her PASSION of illustrations and art.  Now that's my kinda lady!

Do What You Love- Anna from The Panic Room Videos on Vimeo.

Here is something to ponder over the weekend...What's your passion and are you living it?

Happy Weekend!!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

The 40 Something Fashionista

I've got to admit, I enjoy fashion.  There are some darn good looking outfits out there.  However, being a 40-something, there are just some outfits that one shouldn't wear even if they are some of the cutest pieces in the world.

So what is a 40-something to do?

Here are some options that would be oh so fab!


Streetscape cape

jeweled capriole top



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A little gift...

I just love this DIY.  It does require sewing...but I actually think I could do it.

It's a summer essentials bag - but I'm sure we could think of a reason to make a similar one for fall.

Beachside Sparkle D.I.Y. from Ashley Brooke Designs on Vimeo.



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{party} Donuts!!

Who doesn't love a donut? I stumbled on the cutest donut inspired shower over at A Beautiful Mess Blog.

Check out the most adorable menu back drop:

Donut party

Below is more donut inspiration:

How about using donuts as a garnish?

Forget a cake - how about a donut cake?

How about a little glittery sophistication?

photo via

I know - you're probably hungry for a tasty treat now so head on over to the donut shop - the glazed are probably freshly out of the oven...



Thursday, September 22, 2011

{pinterest} the mini's

I just LOVE mini desserts.  You can't feel guilty eating the entire thing...and even having seconds or trying another guiltless pleasure!!

So this is {pin}tersting...

Do you want to know what has been the most popular pin on my pinboard over the last week?

40 or so repins...

I know - I know...they look delish!

Here is a little more eye candy for you to feast your eyes on.

Look - FOUR spoonfuls of yumminess. :)

And these chocolate mousse shooters look amazing...

What is your favorite mini?



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Knee Highs & Wine

I just stumbled on to this greatest website - Formal Fringe - special thanks to Lisa from With Style & Grace for posting Formal Fringes Bacon Salt - so have to make that....  OK - I know I'm getting off topic.  Anyhoo - So loving her style and DIY projects make we want to bust out my paper, scissors and glue gun!

Picture this lovelies...

Imagine you're heading over to a friends house for a little evening fête.

You need to run into the grocery store and pick up a nice bottle of 2 Buck Chuck, I mean a lovely Oregon Pinot Noir (my personal fav!).

You arrive at your friends house and present your lovely bottle of vino.

Does this sound familiar?

Well - here is an ideas that is SOOO easy, whimsical and fun!

Isn't that better than this...

Now it's time to head to your local Target and get some über hip knee highs!!



Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just Simply :: Mi.Avril Garlands

Seeing these garlands makes me want to learn how to sew.  They are so delicate and whimsical.  It would add a splash of fun to any fête.  I spotted these over at Creature Comfort.

Head over to Mi.Avril to see all her pretties.  They are just simply...

Monday, September 12, 2011

the inspired office :: office pretties

Tapehooks from Upon a Fold would add whimsy to any office wall.

You won't be late with this Ultra Flat Wall Clock from the Elemental Store.

Imagine the inspirations you can have with this Pottery Barn rustic wall organizer.

Take notes in style with these chunky notepads from WH Hostess.



Friday, September 9, 2011

Cupcakes? Nope...TARTS

These mini tarts from früute are beyond gorgeous!

Could this be an alternative to cupcakes? Just maybe if someone wants to mix it up a little bit.

{ all images via früute }



Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Handwritten Note

In the world of email, sms, facebooking, tweeting and texting ~ how many of you actually hand write a note, a letter, a card?

Facebook reminds us if it's someone's birthday and even anniversary with our spouse.

I know that I've fallen into the bucket of sending birthday wishes over facebook.  I did it today.

It's a quick way to get the well wishes out (and I have to admit - when you don't have their address or life gets really busy and you forget to send the card ~ it makes life just a little easier).

So is the handwritten note a obsolete?  I hope not.  I've decided I'm going to do it more.  There is still something special about getting mail or if someone hands you a card.

Here are some really cute cards to give you a little boost of inspiration to pick up a pen and send a loved one a little note to just say...HI!

{ Social Proper } image via

{ Kate Spade } image via

{ Paper Source } image via



Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What color do you like?

Chanel opted for a fun way to showcase their new fall colors.

Which color do you like best?  Black Pearl and Orange Fizz look fun to me.

The Inspired Office

Back to school supplies...these are two favorite things.

I happened upon this lovely vintage office set-up from See Jane Work.  I love the mix of old and new.  Does your office reflect your style?  Mine is still a work in progress - but when it's done, I'll give you a tour.

Here are a few tips from Holly Bohn, Creative Director over at See Jane Work.

1. Clutter Control :: invest in essential elements in your favorite colors
2. Paper Management :: file box, letter trays, a sorter
3. Clunky :: dump the clunky black stapler and get one in a fabulous color
4. Plastic Pencil Cup :: begone - instead use something you might have at home

For more tips - check out her article in the Washington Post today.

Some of my personal favorites from the See Jane Work website:

Vintage Basket High - $22

Sticky Tab Dividers - $8

Jonathan Adler Magnetic Board - $18

Magnetic Birdie - $16

Be sure to check out their site for all kinds of fabulous finds.

Be sure to check out my Inspired Office Pin Board on Pinterest for even more inspiration.



Friday, September 2, 2011

Pinning Favs of the Week

Here is a wrap up of my favorite "pinteresting" pins of the week...




dreamy escapes




Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dream it & it WILL happen

I found this video on Sterling Style's blog.  Taylor Sterling is the genius behind The Glitter Guide - my daily indulgence...OK...I follow her on tumblr, facebook, twitter and her website.  I guess you could say I'm a stalker and would totally want to meet her one day...Taylor if you read this blog - I live in the bay area too...can we do coffee?

This video that I watched about the Hallelu Boutique was so inspiring.  They had a dream and they went for it.  They believed in themselves and in each other.

Take a peak.

The Story of Hallelu from Parrish Stikeleather on Vimeo.



Shaken but not Stirred

I'm not sure if it's the late sixties (Mad Men) revivel or just getting back to the simple things in life, but right now...I'm obsessing over....


I want one...OK scratch that ~ I need one...

I really have no idea where I would put it...but I gotta have it.

{via Society Social}

{via Elle Decor}

{via Pottery Barn}

Do you have a bar cart?



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