Friday, January 28, 2011

The Next FOUR Days look like this....

I'm on Day 17 of the 28 Days to Health Cleanse and guess what the next FOUR days look like...

Shakes 3 times a day...and yes that is one of those venti size plastic Starbucks cups.   If I can't drink Starbucks, I might as well think I'm enjoying a Frappuccino - don't you think? :)

(I put a lot of ice in my shakes so I have extra left over...makes the meal last longer.)

So far ~ I'm recommending this cleanse.  Let's see what I say four days from now.

~ Caryl

So what do the next four days look like for you?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Adventures with KALE!

I tried Kale last night for the first time EVER!  I saw the recipe on Style with Grace's website.  If you never been to her website - you must check it out.  She always as something great cooking!!

So I tried it...very easy to make.  To my surprise...they were really good.  I couldn't get my little man to try it - gotta work on him.  But the big man tried it.  I think I put a little too much salt - but I will definitely make again.

Here is what I did...

1. Washed and dried the Kale.  I just used paper towels to dry them off.

2. Then I tore into pieces and used 2 tablespoons of extra light olive oil and as Style with Grace says... massaged it (basically...mixed the heck out of it so the olive oil got all over it.)  I sprinkled some sea salt on it too.  I think I was suppose to wait on that (that might have been why it was a little too salty).

3. Lay out on a baking sheet.  I used a SILPAT because I wasn't sure if it would stick.  NOW you sprinkle with sea salt.  Oh and the oven should be preheated to 350 degrees.  Bake for 15-20 minutes.

4. All done!  And they were yummy and crispy!


~ Caryl

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Half Way There...

So I'm officially half way through the 28 Days to Health Cleanse!!  YAY! for me...

Here are the deets...

7 lbs lost
of which...
4 lbs of FAT
3 lbs of water

I wasn't doing this for the weight loss - OK who am I kidding...I was totally hoping a would shed a few LBS!

On a serious note - I feel really good.  As my gal at the Dailey Method says (thank goodness she is a week ahead of us so she can tell us what to expect) - we are deep in the cleanse now.

All the lovely ladies that are doing this cleanse with me - meet once a week at the Dailey Method Danville to talk about what to expect the next week.  Funny comments were taking place can you steam almond milk to make a latte (decaf of course)...can you eat yogurt...really looking forward to that glass of wine and so on and so on.  Basically we were already chatting about the foods and drink that we would be able to incorporate back into our life once the cleanse is over.  I wonder if that is a side effect to being half way done.

I honestly think I could be the poster child for this cleanse.  If I can do it...anybody can do it.

So far...I would totally recommend it.  Let's see what this week brings.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I want this...

I was in NYC this past week for the Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers Conference.  It was amazing.  She is amazing.  I met so many amazing ladies.

We went to her show and here are some of my loves!

Flowers...yes they were real!

Kitchen...oh my cooking goodness!

The goddess of all things....

Being a part of the audience was incredible and can't wait to go again...


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Martha & The Magic Bullet = Complete Awesomeness

What a whirlwind week it's been.  I was in the Big Apple this week for Martha Stewart's Dreamers into Doers Conference.  I met so many fabulous ladies and the seeds of long friendships have definitely been planted.  It was truly amazing.  Just being in the Martha Stewart Corporate Offices was so inspirational - it gets your creative juices flowing.  But it gets even better.  We actually got to be part of the audience of the Martha Stewart Living Show.

Yup, that was me.  Pretty cool - huh?  I can't wait to show you more pictures...but I need to find my other camera connector. LOL

So, I bet you are the heck did Caryl do on her 28 Days to Health Cleanse?  Well - let me tell you.  I did really well.  I was nervous about going to restaurants and to my surprise I was able to have some really amazing food.  I knew I was set on the shake front because of this....

yes...the Magic Bullet.  I had everything labeled with a sharpie so I really didn't have to think.  I found the whole foods when I arrived and bought my Almond Milk, fruit and so much water.  I was set.

I'm already two days into Week 2 which consists of 2 shakes and 1 meal.  To be perfectly honest - yesterday I was hungry.  I think because I didn't eat enough for lunch.

Last night I went to Fresh&Co and had them make me a salad for the flight today.  I knew I wasn't going to be able to make a shake on the airplane.  I was definitely thinking ahead.  Today has been great!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Over the first hurdle...

So I survived Day 1, 2 and 3.  They say that the first 3 days are the hardest so I'm doing the happy dance now.  I would say Day 1 was brutal.  But I think that is the case with anything when you change your eating habits on Day 1 - wouldn't you agree.

Day 2 I just went with it.  I did have a little challenge - my birthday lunch with my friend.  We went to thi local restaurant that was suppose to have a 28 Days to Health menu.  Not any more - BUMMER.  But the chef was very accommodating which was great!  AND - No headache which was great.  I actually only had the headache on Day 1.

No more crazy fantasies about food while working out.  I was able to be more focused. LOL

Day 3 kinda felt just like a normal day.  I had my protein shake in the morning and then a salad with grilled chicken for lunch and another salad with grilled chicken for dinner.  When I get back from NYC I'm going to work on getting a little bit more creative with food.

Day 4 is going to great.  Actually having a date night with my hubby and we're going to Piatti's for dinner.  They do have the 28 Days to Health menu so I'm looking forward to a yummy meal.

So I have to be honest - I'm a little nervous about heading to NYC on Sunday for the Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers conference.  I'm completely prepared.  I have about 20 ziploc bags with all my greens, protein shake ingredients and my chews (I love those!).  I have to get Almond Milk for my shakes when I arrive so I can make my breakfast shake in the morning.  Very excited to say that there is a Whole Foods a few blocks away from the hotel.  YEA!!! magic bullet is all ready to go too.

Wonder why I'm nervous...well...finding the Almond Milk - but I'm good there.  The plane ride...thank goodness I have a aisle seat with the amount of water I've been drinking.  I'm use to munching ad having my coffee on the plane so this is going to require some will power!   I just keep telling myself...I CAN DO THIS!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

I survived...Day 1

So I successfully completed DAY 1.  They say that the first 3 days are the I'm a 1/3 of the way there.

As you know - I'm doing the 28 days to Health Cleanse and since I've never done anything like this - this picky eater (which is me!) was quite nervous.

Day 1: I didn't start my day off having my cup of coffee this morning - no coffee for me.  Instead I started out with a chocolate protein shake...not bad.  I thought to myself...I can do this!
Around 11am - my mind was focusing on FOOD any and all kinds of food.  Isn't that always the case...

So I had my fizzy water and that worked for a little bit.  I was really trying not to eat my lunch at 11am knowing that I wasn't going to be eating dinner for what seemed like eternity.

Had lunch around 1pm and it was good.  Salad with grilled chicken, kidney beans, carrots and this rosemary vinaigrette that I had made in the morning.  Yummy and satisfying...for about 2 hours.

I went to workout at the Dailey Method and the workout would have been really amazing if I wasn't fantasizing about FOOD during the entire class. :)  Got home and wanted to eat my hand off...but I didn't.  I cut up some apple instead.  You aren't suppose to snack - but I had to do something.  Oh - and I had fizzy water too!

I made dinner.  Tacos for the boys (my hubby and munchkin) and Taco salad for me.  I checked the labels of the taco seasoning and was surprised they was SOY in the ingredients.  (Can't have soy on the cleanse.) So had to make it separately.  Made them the Taco's with SOY taco seasoning and for me...Taco meat with Chipotle Chili spice.  Added some kidney beans, hard boiled egg, picante taco sauce and a ton of lettuce and I was good to go.

I also drank so much water - I think I was going to the restroom every 5 minutes.  One of the biggest challenges today was not grabbing food to eat just because.  Also - had a headache from no coffee.  Had to take an advil and it went away.

(side note: I'll be traveling next week so I bought the Magic Bullet and will be bringing it with me so I can make my shakes on the road.)

Stay tuned for Day 2...

~ Caryl

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lost my mind...

I'm always up for a good challenge - but this least for me, I think I've officially lost my mind.

So I've done it...I signed up for a 28 day cleanse - 28 days to Health to be exact.  I heard about it at The Dailey Method in Danville.  The owner Julie actually started it a week ago so that way she can let us know in advance what to expect.  Pretty smart I think!

I walked in to the information meeting with sweaty palms - that's right.  I was totally scared.  I've never done anything like this before.  And of course I can do a 5 day or 7 day - no...I have to pick the 28 days one.

After hearing what they had to say - I thought I would give it a shot - 28 day...I can do that.  At least - that's what I keep telling my self.  I think what I'm most nervous about is no coffee.  I'm OK with no sodas.  I've been off those for a while...but no coffee.  Oh my.  This is gonna be interesting!

Oh...did I mention the other challenge I'm doing...The Dailey Method - 90 Day Challenge.  As many of you know that followed me on my journey of the 30 day workout - I discovered the Dailey Method on day 22 I think.  Well I was hooked and have been doing it ever since.

I'm not a flexible person...what does that say about me...I'm learning to be more flexible and in doing the method - I can actually see it.

I didn't take a picture of me when I first started doing the Dailey Method - but here is one of me Day 1 of the challenge.  I'm going to post a picture every 30 days so that you can see the changes and I can too.

Yup - that's me.  I still have to hold on to the strap when I'm at the bar.  I hope in the next 30 days - I'll be close to the bar and maybe not holding on to the strap.

Well - I'm off to Whole Foods to get some of my supplies for this cleanse.  Wish me luck!


happy day!

I saw this idea on Silverbox Creative Studio and loved it so I thought I would make my own.  You must check out their website.  She has some amazing invitations and holiday cards.

I hope everyone has a spectacular day!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy & You Know It!

Vacation is over...holidays are over...some people might be feeling a little sad about having to go back to work and back to the daily hustle and bustle of life.  Take a quick read and  I hope this puts a smile on your face. (psst ~ I already did the first thing on the list. :))

So here we go...

20 Things to Put You in an Instant Good Mood
(courtesy of Yahoo! Shine)

1. Exercise (I did the Dailey Method this morning and it kicked my butt!)
2. Talk Yourself Happy (make a happy script that you tell yourself)
3. Less White Stuff...(sugar and white flour...really?  That's hard)
4. But No Deprivation! (ok ~ I like that! :))
5. Fairy Godmother (Men who are ungrateful should remember fairy godmothers are female ~ LOL)
6. Go Outside (walking outside...but not walking and texting...there is a difference)
7. Be Grateful (write down all the good things in your life)
8. A Happy Playlist
9. Watch Modern Family
10. Eat Breakfast (this needs to be a new years resolution)
11. Savor Your Snapshots (I heart iPhoto!)
12. Tell a Joke
13. The Hot Guys Named Ryan Trifecta (Gosling, Reynolds & Phillippe :))
14. When You Hate Your Job (Say this: This job doesn't reflect who I am, but I can still kick butt and get ready for something better.)
15. Pretty Boys with "not-quite there" Mustaches
16. Regular Snacks (every 3 to 4 hours)
17. Do Less (Do more nothing and just take time to be.)
18. Girls with Gaps (It shows that perfection is boring!)
19. Set a Smarter Bedtime (You'll recharge your body and mind to get you ready for the next happy day!)
20. The Happy Face (Look in the mirror and SMILE!)

I hope this puts you in a great mood and makes you happy!!  Looking forward to a great 2011!!

~ Caryl
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