Monday, November 29, 2010

30 days of workouts...

We went to New York for Thanksgiving (I'll do a separate post on that) and ate and did a ton.  I found the Crumbs Cupcakes.  :) They were heavenly and now they need to come off my body.  We got back really late on Friday night and on Saturday - I decided...I'm done.  It's time to focus and make the commitment to working out.  So I've decided....(actually I started on Saturday!)

30 days of workouts!

Day 1 (11/27) - An iTrain treadmill workout.  40 minutes of butt-kicking running.  Mileage 3.3 miles - totally wanted to stop after a mile - but kept going.
Day 2 (11/28) -  Chisel Class at Crunch Fitness and more running.  Mileage 3.25 miles (Chisel is a low weight high reps class and the running wasn't bad - I added more songs to my iPod.)
Day 3 (11/29) - Ultimate Conditioning at Crunch Fitness. (Ultimate Conditioning is a total body workout that includes both high and low impact exercises - basically it kicks your booty!)

I really enjoy all kinds of workouts so I think the next 30 days is going to be a DVD mix of Tracy Anderson Method (if I can get the dance moves down - it's pretty funny actually.  When I was in LA - I did take a class at her studio and it was great.  ), Physique 57 (took a class here when I was in NYC - not this last time though), and Insanity (it is truly INSANE!) as well as taking classes  @ Crunch and running.

Can't wait to see what I feel like in 30 days - well now - 27! :)

(This is me as of Nov. 23 - pre- Crumbs and pre-double chin - LOL)

I'll be updating my facebook page with my workouts so if you want to follow along - click here!

(PS - since it is the holiday season - you might see me doing 2 workouts in a day - especially if I bake the cookies that my sister showed me while skyping with her last night....ohhhh - they looked yummy!

Happy Working Out!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

{trend alert} Photo Booths are HOT!

Photo booths have been making a comeback.  They have been popping up all over the place from corporate events to social events.  I was just on facebook - yes I'm a junkie and came across Paper and Cake's Holiday Photo Booth Accessories.  These are the cutest things!!

(photo from Paper and Cake's etsy shop)

(photo from Paper and Cake's etsy shop)

Just imagine all the possibilities...

Have fun!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Packaging for the holidays

I love packaging - just ask my husband.  I have paper, tissue paper, ribbon - you name it - I have it.  I just got my shipment from Nashville Wraps of clear bags, small kraft boxes and crinkle for stuffing.  A few weeks ago - I ordered the most amazing bakers twine from The Twinery.  I ordered the Simply Traditional Christmas Trio.

I also ordered some more packaging goodness from Parcel and Paper.  The Sample Package to be exact. I loved the little bitty tags and the red and white twisties that came with it.  I need to order more.

Now I need to get my holiday tags and I should be all set.  I'm anxiously awaiting what will be coming from The TomKat Studio.  Last years holiday tags were uber cute!!

If you're looking for inspiration and ideas - head over to Think Garnish.  Oh my goodness!!!

Have fun!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh my Tory...

When my sister was in town a couple of weeks ago - she really liked my Caroline Tory Burch ballet flats.  They are a little pricy @ $225, but I have to say - I love them soooo.  She called today - she was at Nordstrom in Phoenix looking for them.  Unfortunately they don't sell them at Nordstrom - sad!!  I bought mine at Neiman Marcus when I was in Chicago for an event.  I actually bought a few things on that trip - but we won't go there.  Ha ha!

These are the most comfortable shoes and when these get a hole in them - I'll be sure to buy another pair.

Introducing {Hey Caryl!}

I get asked all the time…where did you get that? or I need to find something like this!do you know where I should go for that? 

I’m always up for a challenge – but I would say, the majority of the time – I can give my gal pal the answer right away.

I’m a research junkie – I’m always on the hunt for the coolest thing, a great cupcake place, awesome inexpensive bottle of wine (if they label is cute – they have me at “open me up!”)

So – I’ve decided to create a place where I can share - and friends as well as soon to be friends can ask questions and give their own tips.

So drumroll please….I’ve decided to call this brain child of mine {Hey Caryl!}.  You might ask – kinda a random name…but when ever some one says to me – Hey Caryl – 9 out of 10 times – they are about to ask me where would I be able to find…So I thought – how appropriate.

Funny thing is – I’ve already gotten 2 calls today!  Can you guess what they were calling for?  Just wait and see...

So….{Hey Caryl!} is officially open for business! 

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