12 by 2012 :: a project of goals

I'm going to be posting updates to my 12 by 2012 goals on this page.  If you are participating - would love to hear your progress.  Please comment with your blog address and I'll swing on by to check them out.

1) Clean and organize the garage (I know funny - that's the first goal I typed - but really people - it's gross).

2) Rebrand the ROAR events blog.

3) Work on the ROAR office workspace. (Organize those crazy shelves)

4) Get 2 new clients for ROAR.

5) Get my Christmas Cards WENT out on time so they don't didn't need to be Happy New Year and hope your holidays were great cards. 
11/21 - UPDATE: The cards have been ordered and I'm feeling confident that we will get them out. YAY!
6) Sign up and train for a marathon. (I know - I can't believe I just typed that one...but I did.  I've run 2 marathons before - but it's been soooo long)
10/24 - UPDATE: I haven't signed up for one yet - but I started running again.  I was running on and off but now I'm getting serious. :)
7) Launch a fun, secret new project I'm working on.
10/24 - UPDATE: Sellers license - check. URL - check!
8) Create an editorial calendar for 2012 for this blog and the ROAR blog.

9) Carve out "me" time. (This might be one of the hardest but one of the most important.)

10) BUILT Build the platform with the Little Mister (yes...it requires a drill, hammer and nails).
10/24 - UPDATE: Our little platform has been completed.  We got some unexpected rain - so we held off for a week in completing out platform.  Left the wood outside and it got a bit warped.  The mister didn't think it was going to work, but the little mister and I said - let's keep going.  We ended up needing the mister's muscles to screw in some of the screws.  The platform is warped - but as it turns out...it's a good thing.  The ground outside our back gate is well...warped too.  So it works perfectly.

11) We enjoyed Have 5 "family days" (hiking, exploring, heading to the city, movies) where we spend quality time together.

12) Weekly family cooking nights and yes that means the Little Mister cooking.

1 comment:

  1. Nice list and it looks like you're making some great progress! Awesome!

    The blog editorial calendar is popular I've been seeing. I should think about doing one for 2012, too.
    Good idea.

    Good luck!


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