Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Color Crush:: Orange

All of my friends know of my obsession with the color orange.  I have a pinterest board dedicated to the color.  There was even a theme with Christmas presents I received this year as orange fleece, orange gloves, orange scarf.

So you can just imagine my delight when Pantone decided to make the most amazing color around it's color of the year...TANGERINE TANGO.  I feel so ahead of the game...I was in love with it last year.

To me, this is a happy color, a fresh color, an energetic color, a vibrant color.  It's sticking around for a while.  I hope you're crushing on this color as much as I am.

Do you have a favorite color?  Every Wednesday is Color Crush Day.  Let me know some of your favorites and their might just be a little inspiration board just for you.

images: {row 1} balloon, kate spade, orange lights, oranges, trailer, flowers; {row 2} orange door, dress, farm, chair, bridge


  1. Such beautiful images! Love a crisp white with a beautiful orange!

  2. I know - the trailer is DARLING! :)

  3. Thanks so much...please make sure you head over to the new blog.


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