Sunday, December 18, 2011

{holiday} DIY Ornament

For the past week, I've been talking about this ornament that I was going to have the little mister's class create.

Being a mama - I always LOVED the ornaments that the class would do that had their photos on them or something that they made.  I still have my little guys hand ornament that he made in daycare when he was 2 years old.  Each year it comes out - he always puts his hand up to it to see how much he has grown.

So this year - I created an ornament that had all the children's picture on it.  Here is the little misters.

These were so easy to make.

Materials Needed: 
2.5" circle punch
glue stick
doublesided tape
favorite holiday scrapbook paper
fishing line


  1. Such a cute idea! That's a perfect craft for a class party!

  2. Very cute idea!

  3. Cute idea! Could be a great use for all those extra school photos :)

  4. Thanks Ladies. It was super fun to make and the photos don't do it justice. Goal for 2012 is to get better at photography. LOL.


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