Friday, December 9, 2011

{holiday inspiration} Globetrotting

So many of us travel over the holidays.  I first saw these globe snowmen and thought this would be a fun non-traditional holiday theme.  Blues remind me of the ocean, Greens remind me of green grass (something there isn't a whole lot of during the winter) and gold reminds me of the warm sun on a chilly day.  Our holiday decor this year is "whimsy traditional," what is yours?

row 1:: snowman, confetti ribbon, flowers
row 2:: map gift tags, terranium, cake
row 3:: dessert table, place setting, notebook


  1. wow! Cute round-up! I love the garland!!

  2. Thanks ladies!! It really means a lot. I had a ton of fun making it so I'm seeing more in my future. :)

  3. Beautiful Caryl - well done!
    Alison (Alison Lawson Cakes)

  4. Nice job! I too love shades of greens and blues for a holiday theme. Our holiday decor is kid craft galore, lol.

  5. Great inspiration board...LOVE that cake! I love the non-traditional colors. We went for aqua & red this year.
    Leonie {Ashlee Rae}

  6. Great board Caryl! Love the snowmen! : )



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