Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Stylish Corkboard...

I absolutely love See Jane Work.  This is one of the best places (both online and if you are in Southern California) to buy hip happening office supplies.

I just love this hip, stylish corkboard that I saw on the See Jane Work blog.

Jane from See Jane Work made it herself.

Ung Drill Frame from IKEA
Rolled Cork from Office Depot
Spray Adhesive from Office Depot
Jewel Push Pins from Office Depot

1. Remove glass and backing from frame.  Recycle glass, retain backing
2. Use baking as a template to cut cork to size, must be precise.
3.  Apply spray adhesive to cardboard frame backing
4. Mount cork to cardboard backing.
5. Sit a heavy object like a book or laptop on the cork until the adhesive is dry.
6. Reattach the backing
7. Hang
8) Use adorable jewel push pins from Office Depot to complete the look (or you can purchase them at See Jane Work. :)


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