Monday, October 10, 2011

words...a gentle reminder

Words can bring such inspiration.

I have sayings posted all over my office.

They bring me inspiration when I need it most.  They are gentle reminders of the person I want to be.

I was reading the latest issue of O Magazine and Joel McHale was talking about "the best," the best soup, vacation, etc.  When it got to best advice - he said that someone told him "be nice to everybody," when someone's a jerk everyone hears about it.

I gave that advice to my little man tonight.  If you really think about what Joel's very true.  But another thing to that people ALWAYS remember if someone wasn't nice.

How is your customer service? How are you treating your friends?  Your family members?  Your co-workers?

Here are some gentle reminders to start off your Monday...

Pinned Image

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*all images via Pinterest

Want to see my WORDS board - check it out.

If you have any words that inspire you - leave a comment.  Would love to hear.



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