Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{Drab or Fab} Spray Paint & Trash Can = GORG

I have a new blog favorite - Mer Mag.  She is a creative wonder.

As I was flipping through her posts and saying ohhh check that out...ohhh LOVE that, I saw the most amazing trash can.

Yes - you heard correctly!

If your trash can is out in plain view - don't you want it to look great?  I know I sure do.

We have one of these in the garage...

Does it look familiar?

Well tomorrow - I'm going to Joann's and buying a can of gold spray paint...and I'm gonna do this...

Amazing - right?

When I'm done - I'll post a photo and let's see if mine turns out the same way - wish me luck.



photos via: Mer Mag blog

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