Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The wildside:: Zebra!

I do love Zebra patterns - about as much as I love leopard and cow patterns.  Zebra is best used in small amounts,  It can really make a room.

Here are some of my favorites:

images:: chair, rug, ottoman, chair


  1. LOVE Zebra! I also love cow -- wanted to do our Tahoe place in cow and DH vetoed it.

  2. I love cow too! Remember Tucker's carseat? I held on to that baby until he was 6. It just sat in the garage...I couldn't let it go. LOL

  3. I agree that zebra in small doses looks great. I wasn't sold on it until one of my Designer Challenge guests used it in a front entrance and now I love it! Here's a peek at what she did:

  4. Love that Shauna. I especially love how it's under that parson's table. :) I have an old gumps zebra tea tray that I use as my "bar cart" and love it.


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