Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Recipe:: Pumpkin Sage Pasta

Doesn't this just look absolutely DIVINE!!

I stumbled upon this recipe via Nat the Fat Rat.  This image is from her website.  I have to admit...I'm really hungry now and I'll be heading to the store to purchase the ingredients...because..HONEY..this is what's for dinner tonight.

It's a perfect fall meal.  I'm going to opt for some grilled chicken and I think I'm going to use corn pasta vs. the whole wheat.  I want to see if I can make this puppy gluten-free. :)

I have to roll...gotta get to the store!


I made the Pumpkin Sage Pasta with Corn Pasta and added chicken.  I also added a teaspoon on nutmeg and some balsamic.  It was still needing a little something something...but paired with the chicken, it was really good.

Wanna see what mine looked like?

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