Thursday, February 10, 2011

Easy Affordable Flower Arrangements - Under $100

ROAR events group (my full-time job) just managed an event for one of our favorite clients.  The theme was western and we wanted something simple on for the tables.  We didn't want to work with a florist because quite frankly - they would have charged an arm and a leg.  We decided to do it ourselves.

So here is what we did -
1) Purchased 2 cases (24) 1/2 pint mason jars
2) Large batches of spring mix flowers (we made sure there were daisy's in the bunches) and 1 smaller batch of flowers
3) Raffia to tie around the jar

Total cost: $93

We had 22 tables and we really wanted something small because we had a lantern, a small bucket of Bandana mints and the flowers.

These little arrangements were so simple, but made such a huge impact on the entire setting of the event. It was just that extra little special touch that it needed.

You can read the entire post and check out all of the decor here on the ROAR events group blog.

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