Sunday, January 16, 2011

Over the first hurdle...

So I survived Day 1, 2 and 3.  They say that the first 3 days are the hardest so I'm doing the happy dance now.  I would say Day 1 was brutal.  But I think that is the case with anything when you change your eating habits on Day 1 - wouldn't you agree.

Day 2 I just went with it.  I did have a little challenge - my birthday lunch with my friend.  We went to thi local restaurant that was suppose to have a 28 Days to Health menu.  Not any more - BUMMER.  But the chef was very accommodating which was great!  AND - No headache which was great.  I actually only had the headache on Day 1.

No more crazy fantasies about food while working out.  I was able to be more focused. LOL

Day 3 kinda felt just like a normal day.  I had my protein shake in the morning and then a salad with grilled chicken for lunch and another salad with grilled chicken for dinner.  When I get back from NYC I'm going to work on getting a little bit more creative with food.

Day 4 is going to great.  Actually having a date night with my hubby and we're going to Piatti's for dinner.  They do have the 28 Days to Health menu so I'm looking forward to a yummy meal.

So I have to be honest - I'm a little nervous about heading to NYC on Sunday for the Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers conference.  I'm completely prepared.  I have about 20 ziploc bags with all my greens, protein shake ingredients and my chews (I love those!).  I have to get Almond Milk for my shakes when I arrive so I can make my breakfast shake in the morning.  Very excited to say that there is a Whole Foods a few blocks away from the hotel.  YEA!!! magic bullet is all ready to go too.

Wonder why I'm nervous...well...finding the Almond Milk - but I'm good there.  The plane ride...thank goodness I have a aisle seat with the amount of water I've been drinking.  I'm use to munching ad having my coffee on the plane so this is going to require some will power!   I just keep telling myself...I CAN DO THIS!


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