Saturday, December 4, 2010

30 Days of Workouts - 1 week later

I'm on day 8 of the 30 days of workouts and I have to's going really well.  I feel great.  Haven't lost a pound which is a bit frustrating...but I just need to stick with it.

On day 6 I had to get my workout done early and that was a little tough.  It's amazing the conversations you have in your mind when you don't want to do something.  But - if you have the conversation long enough - you'll get up because you'll be wide away from all the mind chatter. :)

I've decided I'm going to branch out a little next week and try a spin class.  I did it once - years ago.  After the class the instructor asked me how it was.  I said it was good - but do they have any extra padding for the seat - ha ha ha!  So I say - let's give it a whirl again and see what happens.

Stay tuned!!

If you want to follow along my workout journey - click here.

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