Friday, November 19, 2010

Packaging for the holidays

I love packaging - just ask my husband.  I have paper, tissue paper, ribbon - you name it - I have it.  I just got my shipment from Nashville Wraps of clear bags, small kraft boxes and crinkle for stuffing.  A few weeks ago - I ordered the most amazing bakers twine from The Twinery.  I ordered the Simply Traditional Christmas Trio.

I also ordered some more packaging goodness from Parcel and Paper.  The Sample Package to be exact. I loved the little bitty tags and the red and white twisties that came with it.  I need to order more.

Now I need to get my holiday tags and I should be all set.  I'm anxiously awaiting what will be coming from The TomKat Studio.  Last years holiday tags were uber cute!!

If you're looking for inspiration and ideas - head over to Think Garnish.  Oh my goodness!!!

Have fun!

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