Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sweets:: Just Embrace Them


I love sweets.  When I was visiting with my mom...I said to her - I really wish I didn't have such a sweet tooth.  Her response...Life would be so boring then.  SO TRUE MOM!

I've decided...I'm just going to embrace them...but in moderation.  I still do need to fit in my clothes. (haha)

As part of my 2012 Motto...She Decided to Start Living the Life She Imagined - I'll be trying a new recipe a week.  It might be something sweet, maybe something hearty, and hopefully something super yummy that the family will enjoy.

First up...Lowfat Pound Cake as seen on Bakers Royale's blog.  Doesn't it just look divine?  So here is the deal.  I'm going to post on Thursday mornings what I'm going to make.  And then Thursday night - I'm going to update the post with a picture of how mine turned out.

Low Fat Pound Cake  Bakers Royale Low Fat Pound Cake
image via: Bakers Royale

OK - so I thought I had a bundt pan - but I must have gotten rid of it when we moved.  So I improvised and used two loaf pans.  I was watching the time because I wasn't sure if the timing would be different - bundt vs. loaf oh and 2 different size loaf pans.  One loak took about 50 minutes and the other took 70 minutes as the recipe called for.  (It's all a learning process.)

The batter...was really good.  Of course I had to taste test that. :)

Without further was REALLY good and enjoyed by the family.  I have to say I'm pretty impressed with myself.  (YAY me!)


  1. I love this idea of a fun! this looks delicious!

  2. Thanks Jenny. Tomorrows is going to be yummy. :)


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