Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Knee Highs & Wine

I just stumbled on to this greatest website - Formal Fringe - special thanks to Lisa from With Style & Grace for posting Formal Fringes Bacon Salt - so have to make that....  OK - I know I'm getting off topic.  Anyhoo - So loving her style and DIY projects make we want to bust out my paper, scissors and glue gun!

Picture this lovelies...

Imagine you're heading over to a friends house for a little evening fête.

You need to run into the grocery store and pick up a nice bottle of 2 Buck Chuck, I mean a lovely Oregon Pinot Noir (my personal fav!).

You arrive at your friends house and present your lovely bottle of vino.

Does this sound familiar?

Well - here is an ideas that is SOOO easy, whimsical and fun!

Isn't that better than this...

Now it's time to head to your local Target and get some über hip knee highs!!




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