Friday, May 13, 2011

New Blog Love - the weekly round-up

I'm discovering even more blogs out there in the blogworld - thanks to Pinterest.  I've always had my Blogs to Read folder...but now the list is growing and growing.

Here are a few of the new ones I happened upon:

How About Orange - why you started with this little number and grew from there...oh and it so fits my orange obsession right now. :)

Enjoy Events Co. - because of their whimsy style and this lovely little pic. (I know...CARBS brought me to their website...but then when I got there...oh my!)

Dreamy Whites - because I loved the simplicity of this flower arrangement, that fruit tray (that I'm sad to say she is sold out of) and her french shabby chic style.

Bottom line is that you can be directed to a website just by a picture and if you stay just might find some other inspirations too.


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