Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Friendship & A Pin

Last week I ventured out to the West Elm in Emeryville, CA to the Pinterest meet-up.  For those of you who know me - I love pinterest!!

Pinterest is headquartered in the bay area, so I was uber excited that there was going to be one close by.  I wasn't sure if I was going to see anyone that I knew.  To my delight...I met Becca from Cake. (formally The Birthday Girl).  We are facebook friends, pinterest friends and live near each other, but had never met. (I know CRAZY!)

At the meet-up they had the SmileBooth - so of course we had to strike a pose.

A friendship has been cemented with Champagne, a little shopping, a love of events and of course...PINNING!

You must check out her gorgeous blog here and if you aren't a fan of hers on facebook, you need to go here.

Make sure you pop by the Hey Caryl facebook page for daily doses of goodness.



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